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Tony Gale - Cleantech consultants Ltd

Tony is an accredited & approved Commercial Consultant to both the ‘Accelerated Growth Programme’ for Wales based clients and ‘Smart Cymru’, for the Welsh Government.

His passion for climate change initiatives and  clean technology developed over years from seeing the effects growing up in the dust of the coal mining valleys of South Wales and his service in the Navy seeing the poorest in the world unable to have clean water or regular power and in living in London where the toxic fumes of the internal combustion engine are causing major health issues and SME’s are more likely to develop the solutions to alleviate many of these issues.

At GE, Tony led new technology growth for Clean Cities and major projects like London Olympics 2012 by partnering with National and City authorities and private sector partners. He also ran the Ecomagination challenge, assessing SMEs for investment and commercial partnership projects.

In 2017 joined the Investment Committee of the Greenbackers Cleantech Fund and in 2018 joined the Agor Ip Commercial Committee to assess market readiness (of university startups for investment and commercialisation).